Lynnette (Lucy) Najimy

When I started Beansprout Productions soon after receiving my Master’s Degree from Suffolk University in 2002, my intention was set on storytelling.  At the time I was preparing to spend 5 weeks in India, producing a documentary film on the work of The Daughters of the Heart of Mary and their work with Adivasi communities on the west coast of the country. I did that and it was an amazing and challenging learning adventure from start to finish.

From there, my storytelling continued in many forms and across the globe, including more filmmaking, photography, events, and facilitating multimedia programs with youth. (If you are inclined to view my CV, here it is.)

In each of these endeavors, I discovered much about what I did know and what I didn’t. I have often been faced with the reality that for as much talent and passion I have for telling these stories, there are practical and tedious requirements to achieve a creative vision. The necessary balance between creative expression and logistics appeared again and again.

Faced with limited resources for a particular project or seemingly impossible timeframes and deadlines, I was compelled to develop methods and means to accomplish those logistical elements in ways that enable me to keep more of my focus on the passion that inspires the work itself.

In doing so, I discovered that I have a propensity to face a challenge with an open and creative mind, and that finding solutions is itself a creative endeavor. Every iteration of my work as Beansprout Productions has remained true to its mission, which is to recognize and bring to life to the stories that make up our world.

In the process of doing exactly that I have researched, practiced, and learned a valuable set of tools and resources for marketing and branding that I know can benefit others as they pursue their own vision, work to achieve their goals, and put the best of themselves into the world.

Having presented many workshops and trainings, and consulted with dozens of artists, entrepreneurs, organizations and small businesses, I am excited to offer these resources to you, online and on the ground.

Since 2008, Beansprout Productions has been supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs, creators, and organizations implement effective marketing strategies that allow them to focus on the passion they have for their business.

Efficient and effective marketing strategies lead to greater awareness and engagement. But the time and skill to implement them can be overwhelming. That’s exactly how Beansprout Productions came to be. What began out of necessity for great marketing without a marketing department has grown into a business of applying expertise in social media, graphic design, websites, branding, cross-platform integration, and traditional marketing services to others facing the same challenges.